As a Batik artist I have always been drawn to the wax (beeswax), and the effects that can be achieved   by painting with it. The ancient, aged feel that wax can give to a piece and how the colors are enhanced by it are what draws me in. Most recently I have been using soy wax and/or gutta with silk dyes to make my art scarves. 
 As in my silk wearable art pieces, in my mixed media acrylic paintings I strive to achieve similar effects using a combination of acrylics, mediums, Japanese papers, inks and canvas. Sometimes  I also incorporate hot or cold wax techniques.
Working out of my studio located in the heart of my old Victorian twin in Philadelphia my paintings sometimes walk a line between abstraction and realism with figurative and floral themes and the last several winters I have had a temporary studio in the Florida Keys and focused on mixed media tropical flora and fauna.